How flags are produced

Generally speaking there are different kinds of flags, and different kinds of flags correspond to different processes and effects.

First of all, we have to choose the fabric of the flag. The fabrics used to make flags are conventional fabrics such as spring linen, satin, warp-knitted fabric and oxford fabric.

Next, we need to process the fabric with a pattern, and there are some options for this step. The processes we are routinely using are screen printing, digital printing, heat transfer printing, embroidery etc.

After completing the printing we have to cut the fabric, after this step our flag will already be visible in style. After printing, the flag is finished with a single line, double line, hot cut, top waist, folded waist, brass buckle, etc. After this step our flag is basically complete, but there is still the most important step, the quality control. To ensure that the flag is clean and free of excess threads

The final step is to pack the product, choosing different packaging methods depending on the requirements.

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