What to do with the flag hemming
For flag hemming, we must first analyze the cause of the deformation of the flag hemming, find out the problem and solve it once and for all.
Flags hanging in shopping malls and double-sided flag curling are closely related to the material used to make the flags and changes in ambient temperature; under normal circumstances, shopping malls, supermarkets, 4S stores and other places use PVC materials or paper flags. However, these materials will be deformed under the influence of repeated changes in temperature and humidity, and users who observe carefully will draw conclusions in practice; if you need to make long-term flags, and pay more attention to the effect and quality, solve the problem of hanging flags The best solution for hemming deformation is to use a variety of heat transfer fabric materials.
So what is thermal transfer printing:
Thermal transfer flag production process: Thermal transfer is much simpler than watermarking. It only needs to print the picture and pattern on thermal paper, and then transfer the pattern to the fabric through high temperature transfer equipment; Its main features are: high precision, no dots, environmental protection, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, wide printing range, no color restrictions; it can transfer landscapes, figures, flowers, birds, fish and insects to warp knitted fabric, silk fabric, satin Cloth, satin, Oxford cloth, canvas and other fabrics.
Commonly used heat transfer flag fabrics are as follows:
The materials for making shopping mall flags and double-sided flags mainly include: high, medium and ordinary. The difference lies in the printing clarity and the vertical effect after hanging. The better the texture, the better the printing effect and the vertical effect after hanging. Good; high-end flag materials include: matt satin (standby), thickened warp knitted fabric (standby), mid-end materials include: bright satin (standby), oxford cloth, ordinary warp knitted fabric (standby), common grades The material is only double-permeable flag cloth (also known as flag cloth, flag cloth, Chun Yafang, polyester cloth, this material is a standing fabric), as we all know, once the fabric is ironed and set, it will not be easily changed. Its shape (our equipment will automatically set at high temperature after the printing is completed, and the finished flag will not have problems of crepe, curling, deformation, unevenness, and non-perpendicular problems), so the use of cloth material and digital printing equipment to make the flag is easy. It can completely solve the problem of flag curling; if you need to know more about various flag materials or flag materials, you can ask us for free fabric samples.
Supplement: Adding a counterweight at the bottom of the flag can solve the problem of unevenness and non-vertical hanging of the flag

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