Brand Partner

  • 2006—Germany World Cup
  • 2008—Angola elections
  • 2008—Beijing Olympics
  • 2010—South Africa World Cup
  • 2011—40th Anniversary Celebration of UAE National Day
  • 2012—London Olympics
  • 2012—Poland Ukraine European Cup
  • 2013—Pakistan Presidential Election
  • 2013—Malaysian Election
  • 2014—Brazil World Cup
  • 2015—Panama Presidential Election
  • 2016—French European Championship
  • 2016—U.S. Presidential Election
  • 2017—Angola elections
  • 2018—Russia World Cup
  • 2018—Malaysian Election
  • 2018—Pakistan Presidential Election
  • 2018—Swedish presidential election
  • 2019—Mozambique elections
  • 2019—Democratic Republic of Congo election
  • 2019—70th Anniversary of the Founding of China
  • 2019—Uruguay Presidential Election
  • 2019—Argentina Presidential Election
  • 2019—Colombian Presidential Election
  • 2019—Panama Presidential Election
  • 2020—European Cup
  • 2020—U.S. Presidential Election
  • 2020—Polish presidential election
  • 2021—Malaysian election
  • 2021—100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese Party
  • Every year-Saudi government's order
Brand Partner


Customization is one of our advantages and we are good at OEM. We are able to provide all kinds of sizes, shapes and colors for the need of our customers.

Short-time delivery is part of our brand mission and being fast is really important in our industry especially in the international market. Since we are tend to grow to be a global brand we are taking our delivery time seriously.

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