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How many countries in the world 2022

According to Worldometer, as of 2022, there are 195 countries in the world. However, of these 195 countries, two are not members of the United Nations. These two countries are the State of Palestine and the Holy See, which are exceptionally referred to as "non-member observer states" but are still considered states.

What are the 5 most populous countries in the world? The United States is among them

When it comes to large population, our first reaction is China, according to the results of the seventh census in 2021, China's total population of more than 1.4 billion, according to the data published by the United Nations authoritative organizations, China ranks first in the world, then, what are the countries behind China? At some point in the future, will the number of people in other countries exceed that of China? Today, let's talk about the 5 countries with the largest populations in the world, what are they?
India's population is also known for its large number of people, hanging full of train scenes still unforgettable, yes, in second place is our neighboring country India, according to the latest data reported by the Indian media, India's total population of 1.324 billion people, second only to our country. In the census, it was found that the number of men in India is much larger than that of women. Unlike our country, India has a particularly wide variety of ethnic groups, with more than 100 ethnic groups, of which, the most dominant is Hindustani, which occupies 46.3% of the total population.
In third place is the United States, which is well known as a superpower. The United States is not only the world's largest economy, but also the number one military power, with a large number of military bases established overseas. At present, the total population of the United States is about 333 million people, which is the third most populous country in the world. Although ranked third, the number of people is far from each other, which is only equivalent to a fraction. However, the United States pays great attention to the cultivation of talents, and the treatment is very generous.
Next is Indonesia, the world's largest archipelagic country, consisting of 17,508 islands, with a land area of more than 1.91 million square kilometers and a population of 262 million, making it the fourth most populous country in the world. It is worth noting that the capital of Indonesia is Jakarta, due to various factors, Indonesia smashed 209.4 billion to move the capital, the address was chosen in a primeval forest, once the new capital is built, tens of millions of people will move the capital en masse.
The last one is Brazil, which has an area of 8,514,900 square kilometers and is the largest country in South America, with a population of about 210 million. However, the impact of the epidemic has led to a decrease of 300,000 newborns in Brazil. It is known that Brazil was originally one of the original settlements of Amerindians and was also reduced to a Portuguese colony, however, it eventually gained independence from Portugal. Today, Brazil is the seventh largest economy in the world and is one of the BRICS countries.
When it comes to this, we can't help but think of Japan. Previously, some American scientists put forward the theory of "Japanese sinking", once Japan sinks, they will choose to go to Brazil, as early as the beginning of the 20th century, there are millions of Japanese people involved in the construction of Brazil, and many people settled in Brazil. There are statistics that there are more than 1.4 million Japanese immigrants and their descendants who have been naturalized in Brazil, so it seems that Brazil is indeed a good choice for the Japanese people.

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