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Emerging Printing Process

   The national flag is a symbol of the country, and all parties, governments, groups and social classes have their unique emblems and symbols made into flags to inspire people all the time and to fight for the cause. Therefore, in ancient and modern times, flags have a certain place in people's hearts and flags are flown all over the world, and this cannot be done without the way flags are made and the important printing process. According to the current exposure to the emerging printing methods there are three kinds of digital spray printing, thermal sublimation and thermal transfer printing.

Digital printing features and advantages

  Digital printing, is printing with digital technology. Digital printing technology is with the continuous development of computer technology and the gradual formation of a set of mechanical, computer machine electronic information technology as one of the high-tech products.

  The emergence and continuous improvement of this technology has brought a brand new concept to the textile printing and dyeing industry, and its advanced production principles and means have brought an unprecedented development opportunity to textile printing and dyeing.

1: High precision automatic digital printing, no plate making, fast printing speed, brilliant colours and no pulp residue on the fabric.

2: Imported ink, the ink is all imported from abroad, the flag colour is bright and colorful.

3: High temperature colour fixing, using imported ink and pigment, after high temperature colour fixing treatment, evenly translucent on both sides, tiny colour difference, no fading for a long time, more resistant to sunlight.

Heat sublimation printing features and advantages

  It is an instrument that uses heat energy to transfer pigments to the printing medium. It can control the proportion and intensity of the colours through the different temperatures adjusted by the semiconductor heating element. It has the characteristic of continuous colour gradation, and the printed image is as delicate and lubricious as a spray, which is particularly suitable for portraits and other delicate and delicate skin texture requirements, and also has the characteristic of long-lasting preservation without fading.

Features of thermal sublimation printing.

1: Of all the colour printers, the heat sublimation printers produce the best output.

2: The coating function is unique to heat sublimation printers. As the heat sublimation printer is mainly used to print photos, and after the photos are coated, the overall colour feeling will be brighter and more vivid, but also has the function of water release, anti-oxidation, in terms of preservation than the traditional laser printer out of the photos to last longer.

3: Print speed is slow because the thermal sublimation printer is a three-color cycle printing, each print a colour, the paper should be in the print channel to go back and forth, so the completion of a printing task needs to go three times the paper. As a result, the efficiency of a thermal sublimation printer is much slower compared to a laser printer.

Features and advantages of thermal transfer printing

  It can be printed not only on tough crystal, stone, metal, glass and other materials, but also on soft leather, fabric, cotton and other materials; it can be printed on inorganic materials, but also on organic materials with complex, multi-terminated compositions. There is more and better compatibility with materials, and the use of the Springfield digital spray direct printing machine avoids the problem of selecting materials for screen printing transfer, and the problem of damaging organic materials such as leather, fabric and cotton with thermal transfer printing. It caters to the diversified needs of the market and can better provide users with a more comprehensive production.

1: The pictures are exquisite and can be completed with ordinary stamping machines and heat transfer machines, saving resources.

2: Ke colour patterns are formed in one go, no need to set colours.

3: Simple operation, exquisite printing, saving production costs.

4: Small product loss, high added value and strong craft decoration.

5: High covering power and strong adhesion.

6: In line with green printing standards, no pollution of the environment.

  The emerging process of printing brings better inventions to life is conducive to saving manpower, material and financial resources used for printing; convenient to arrange and modify; greatly improve the efficiency of printing; conducive to the unity of the version; conducive to the dissemination and retention of culture, conducive to the promotion of knowledge and technology.

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