Car flag pole chooce and introduce

flagpole material is plastic (PP) at the beginning of the car flag pole is divided into big butt car flag pole and barbed car flag pole, heavy car flag pole generally with washed waist or woven belt loincloth, length of 50CM, The single weight is about 110 grams, and the barb car flag pole is equipped with polyester loincloth. The bottom of the loincloth needs to be shot back to prevent the flag from falling off from the pole force under the action of wind. The length of the pole is 45CM. Single weighs about 35 g how much in many years of sales and customer feedback, gradually to replace the car flag pole that agnail card buckle car flag pole, the pole, the flags waist need not back in the process of sewing needle, greatly improve the production, and card buckle under the action of, later it is hard to fall off from the flagpole Pole material also has the old to new material New materials of environmental protection.

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