Our Team


The company was founded in 2005 and has been committed to the banner industry for 15 years. The company has more than 200 workers. There are 150 production workers, 15 production management personnel, 7 QC quality management personnel, 30 business teams, 15 person on e-commerce teams, and 13 people on the design teams. The company has a sound department structure and a large team.

Our production team is 95% local residents, and 40% of our workers are over 10 years old, so we have stable productivity and professional manufacturing capabilities.

Our business team is professionally trained, and 50% of the staff have more than 7 years of working experience. We have no doubt about the professionalism of our products and the service to customers. We are a professional, active team and the best choice for the banner industry.


Customization is one of our advantages and we are good at OEM. We are able to provide all kinds of sizes, shapes and colors for the need of our customers.

Short-time delivery is part of our brand mission and being fast is really important in our industry especially in the international market. Since we are tend to grow to be a global brand we are taking our delivery time seriously.

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