Hand-waving flag: a small flag that is waving in the hand.​​

The hand-waving flag is small in size, beautiful in appearance and easy to carry, and is favored by major events and group activities. In the event, with one pc flag in hand, it can well render the lively atmosphere, drive enthusiasm, and achieve the purposes of publicity, interaction and cheering.

The hand-waving flag is mainly composed of two parts: the flag and the flagpole. The flag can be printed with various logos and texts according to customer requirements.

Customized hand-waving flags with eye-catching text or LOGO of teams, groups, companies, etc., can display their respective images. Such as tour flags, tourist flags, etc. Publicity hand-waving flags: such as advertising promotion banners, can achieve the purpose of publicity and interaction.

The hand-waving flag is generally made of durable polyester material , using screen printing ,digital printing and other processes, the colors are very sharp and vivid. At present, the imported digital printing machines have the characteristics of high speed, high efficiency, high precision, no dots, and environmental protection to make the hand-waving flag printing clearer and the pattern more three-dimensional, which also greatly saves customers' time.

The commonly used sizes of hand-wave flags are 10×15cm, 14×21cm, 20×30cm, 30×45cm, etc. The size ratio is usually 3:2. The most commonly used size is 14X21cm, which is also the best choice for fans of various events such as the World Cup and the European Cup. Of course, hand flags of various sizes, shapes and materials can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Hand-waving flagpoles can be divided into plastic poles, wooden poles, PVC poles, etc. according to the material. In addition, there are stainless steel telescopic flagpoles for large-sized flags. The plastic rod is divided into PP and PVC material. Generally, a 10×15cm flag is matched with a 25CM long, 0.5CM diameter white plastic pole; 14*21CM flag is matched with a 30CM long, 0.5CM diameter white plastic pole; 20*30CM flag is matched with a 40CM long, 0.5CM diameter white plastic pole; 30 *45CM flag with 60CM long, 0.8CM diameter white plastic pole. Can also be matched with the same size wooden poles according to customer requirements

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