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Free custom design service for garden flags
We are one of the professional wholesale flag factories in China and can provide free design service for our customers.
We have 5 experienced designers, one of them is from USA, Ethan. He is young and handsome, and his customers in USA are very happy with his designs!
Of course if you have your own logo or design, our designers will also provide you with a rendering for your reference.

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The size and process introduction of the regular garden flag
The garden flag is a very popular decorative flag abroad. It is mainly used in major festivals, anniversaries, parties and other occasions. The use scenes are generally courtyards, gardens, flower pots, porches and outdoor yards...
The regular sizes of garden flags are: 30*45CM, 70*100CM and customized sizes.
100D polyester,Burlap and oxford are often used to make garden flags.

First let's talk about 100D polyester. 100D polyester is often used to make 3 garden flags.
1. Single-layer garden flag:

generally adopts thermal cutting process, or single-line hemming, the top is threaded, and the hole at the top is about 3CM, digital direct injection, single-sided printing, and the color of the back pattern is slightly worse than that of the front. Prices are the lowest among regular garden flags.

2. Double-layer garden flag:

stitched all around, more wind-resistant than single-layer garden flag, and the edge is more resistant to tearing. Double-layer fabric, digital direct printing, patterned on both sides. The positive and negative colors are uniform and bright.

3. Three-layer garden flag: 

On the basis of the double-layer garden flag, a layer of shading cloth is added in the middle, which makes the flag look thicker and more high-end. Because the 300D polyester material is relatively thin, after directly making the double-sided garden flag, the pattern on the front and back will be displaced to some extent, that is, the patterns on the two sides cannot be perfectly overlapped, so a layer of shading cloth can be added in the middle, which can perfectly to solve this problem.

4. LED garden flag:

On the basis of the double-layer garden flag, LED light strings are added inside. The light strings are divided into single color and multi-color. You can choose different LED light strings according to the scene and artistic conception of the garden flag pattern. Because the 100D Chun Yafang has better light transmittance, you can see the flickering light effect at night, which makes the product more atmospheric!

Secondly, what I want to introduce to you is: the garden flag with black cloth
The black cloth garden flag fabric is thick and has its own shading effect, and can be printed on both sides of the single-layer fabric. The flatness of the material is good, and the fabric is crisp and relatively soft, which can increase the service life while solving the problem of curling.
Next is to introduce to you: flax or imitation flax garden flag.
Linen or imitation linen garden flags are made of double-layered fabric, single-thread hem, and transfer technology. The fabric is highly breathable, comfortable to the touch, not easy to open, not easy to wrinkle, with good texture and high appearance.

Special-shaped Garden Flag.
The special-shaped garden flag can generally be made of thick 300D Oxford cloth, using laser cutting and double spray technology. Laser cutting, fast cutting speed, narrow slit, high precision, smooth cutting edge. Oxford cloth has good abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. The fabric is not easy to leave traces after scratching or rubbing, and has a certain degree of waterproofness. Moreover, the 300D Oxford cloth is thick and stiff, which can make flags with various shapes.

In general, because we are a professional flag manufacturer integrating R&D, design and production, we can design and produce flags of various materials and shapes according to customer requirements.


1.What is standard garden flag size?

Garden flag normal size is 12.5" x 18" but we can customized any size according to customer's requirements.

We have professional designers to customize your own garden flag.

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2.What does garden flag mean?

Garden flags can be used to decorate your yard,make your courtyard more vibrant and lively.

Place the garden flag in the most prominent position. You and your friends, even passersby, will feel the garden welcomes you

They will think that this owner must be very proud of his garden.

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