Brand Story

Brand Story

FLAGNSHOW is the oldest flag manufacturing brand in China we have over 15 years of experience in the industry and have a reputation for bringing flags to clients all over the world and have been so with prestige for more than 2 decades. We have grown the industry with our bare hands and have been the catalyst for change and growth in the flag industry. Our quality is prestine, our reputation is established and we are old. Old in that we have the experience to deliver fast, big and efficiently. Our flags are at the world cup, global events and at political gatherings and everywhere else you have probably seen a flag. We put on a show in almost every country in the world and are not stopping now.

Our Mission


As FLAGNSHOW we are providing the flags needed in the fastest way possible and we have a wide range of working environment. We have a experience of over 2 decades which helps us to achieve our brand mission with every flag that is made by our own.

To deliver fast, big and efficient is not easy as it seems, but with the dedication and passion we have in our company we are achieving this day by day. Our mission is real as it is stated and we are putting our best work to meet our mission.

Our Goals


By stating that we want to bring flags to every room around worlds shows that we are dedicated to what we do best. We are in this industry for more than 20 years and we have been providing flags to many countries in many different events.

Bringing flags to every room around the world means that we will do our best to go global with our brand and the products we offer. The balance we have between the quality and price is an important factor. The already existing customer network will also help us achieve our goal in the longterm.

Our Values


We are confident with the quality we provide . As FLAGNSHOW , our quality is pristine. We will continue to be on the same path for having the high quality in our products.


Everybody is respected and valued in the company, therefore we comply with the rules and internal policies that esresi a good working environment.


Design creativity specifically is something we value when creating our products and design is something that reigns deep within our organization.


Customization is one of our advantages and we are good at OEM. We are able to provide all kinds of sizes, shapes and colors for the need of our customers.

Short-time delivery is part of our brand mission and being fast is really important in our industry especially in the international market. Since we are tend to grow to be a global brand we are taking our delivery time seriously.

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