Flagnshow wholesale Custom Advertising Feather Flag

Flagnshow wholesale Custom Advertising Feather Flag

Custom Feather Flag is one of the affordable yet attractive ways to show off your events or promotion. Get them customized just like our regular custom flags with the smaller size to hold in your hands. Great for trade shows, matches, parades, conferences, events, and more!

Beach flag, also known as knife flag, is named for its shape. It is a flag shaped like a knife; Alias feather flag, outdoor rotating screen, etc. Ground inserted beach flag, a beach flag that can rotate with the wind.

Beach flag is used as outdoor advertising. Its advertising role is bright, eye-catching, concise, dynamic and strong visibility. It not only adds an active atmosphere to the whole street, brightens the road, but also has a good effect of advertising. Therefore, it is widely used by people.

The unique material design of the flagpole of the beach flag makes the flag surface always open. At the same time, it can be matched with the bearing base that rotates freely, and can be matched with various accessories, so that the field used can be changed. Therefore, whether it is windy or not, it can fully display the publicity content and be used as outdoor advertising. It is very dynamic and has strong visibility. It has played a good effect of advertising and publicity. At present, it has replaced the ordinary colored flag or water injection flag and become the first choice for the publicity of large-scale outdoor activities / events / car 4S stores / high-end buildings / seaside party activities / beach volleyball

Size and model of conventional feather flag:

The knife type is divided into 2.8m, 3.4m, 4.5m and 5.5m. Other specifications can be customized.

Details to pay attention to when selecting flags?

Due to the different shapes of the flagpole, the size of the assembled flagpole is different. For example, the size of the assembled flag surface is 2.5m for the 2.8m knife flagpole. Therefore, it is recommended that customers can choose the flagpole according to their height requirements. 

Generally speaking, the conventional flagpole of beach flag is made of aluminum + glass fiber flagpole, with high price ratio. If the customer has strong wind power, it is recommended to require the customer to replace it with a brand-new all glass fiber flagpole, which is light in weight, high in wind resistance grade and high in firmness. In addition, the beach flag is also divided into different bases for different customers, and the sand mud ground can be inserted with land, Car races can use car bases, square bases, wall bases, etc. can also be matched with special hose cross bases, etc. to prevent the flagpole from being blown by the wind. The beach flag is also loved by the majority of businesses because of the switching of this collocation at any time.

Beach flag features:

1.Waterproof, sunscreen, colorfast, pollution-free, washable, light disassembly, multiple combinations.

2.High definition, vivid patterns, bright colors, uniform colors, eye-catching and strong visual effect

3.Fabric products are soft, light and not easy to wrinkle.

4. The installation is simple, easy to carry and save, and can be reused for a long time.

5. Both commercial and civil use are OK, no customers are selected



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