Trade show fixtures

These displays are created to attract visitors at the event and keep their attention. Ceiling displays allow people to see the brand from anywhere in the room. Other fixtures used at trade shows are pop up displays, table covers, and portable tents.


Signs vary in size according to placement and intention. This type of advertising can accomplish numerous marketing purposes, such as defining a brand, providing information, or offering direction. They can be placed anywhere outdoors or indoors.

Vehicle wraps

Any type of vehicle can be wrapped from bottom to top with advertising visuals. The vehicle acts as a moving billboard, allowing people of any destination to spot it. This is done with 3M films and high quality screen printing digital technology. The vehicle will look like it is painted, but it is actually just a cover that can be removed.


Banners can hang from a small window, a corporate building, street poles and more. They can be made from a variety of materials, including eco-friendly fabrics. This type of marketing is meant for passers-by to notice, reaching out to thousands of people that see it.

Floor graphics

No matter what surface it is, colorful advertising can be temporarily placed there. The materials are slip resistant and do not damage the original flooring, including concrete, wood, or tile. These ads are designed to be seen by customers when they are walking or spotted up ahead. Bright colors will attract attention downward from underneath the foot.
Other visual graphics include custom flags, retail store displays, product accessories, and canvas printing.