n this article, we will discuss the top fonts that are the best to use for custom banners.

When you are thinking about one of the best ways to advertise your business or event, one of the most effective ways is with a custom banner. A banner is an easy way to get your business or event noticed by potential customers. One of the most appealing things about designing a banner is that it can be completely customized to your budget, needs, and likes. At AAA Banner & Flag, we have an expert team of designers that will help you create the best banner for your needs. Fonts are one of the most important parts of your banner. Take a look at these fonts to determine which ones will fit best for your sign.

1.     Arial Black. As one of the most common fonts to use on a banner, this font is excellent because it’s plain, basic block lettering is extremely easy to read. However, if you have a lot of words or letters to fit on a smaller banner, this font will not work as well.

2.     Impact. This is a bold block lettering font, but is much narrower than Arial Black. You will be able to squeeze more information on your banner.

3.     Cooper Black. If you want your banner to be something between professional and friendly, this is the perfect font. The rounded, bold letters will get anyone’s attention.

4.     Arial. This is a good font if you have several lines of less important text on your custom banner. Make sure you don’t use Arial for your main font.

5.     Times New Roman. If you have a paragraph or if you are including bullets or even short phrases on your banner, this is the perfect font because it is very easy to read.

6.     Cancun. This is a great font for a banner headline. This font is only available in uppercase, so use it for short words or phrases. Its tropical feel is great for celebrations or even sale banners.

7.     Stencil. This font gives a very strong, military feel to any banner, and is only available in uppercase letters.

Of course, now that you know the best fonts for customer banners, it is also useful to know the worst fronts for banners, so you can stay away from them!

Worst Fonts

1.     Comic Sans. Unless you are creating a banner for children, this is a very overused font to avoid.

2.     Script fonts. These fonts should be used extremely sparingly on banners. This is because they are very hard to read.

3.     Papyrus. Though this font is extremely popular, once it is enlarged and printed on a banner, the imperfections are extremely apparent.